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Natural disasters, thefts, fires, and other tragedies often occur when you least expect them.  They happen quickly and leave behind devastation--emotional and financial.


 INSURANCE COMPANIES can cause additional stress and turmoil when they ask for PROOF of ownership of personal property.

A home inventory serves two purposes:
  1. It acts as a valuable record of your possessions, and
  2. It is a way for you to judge the adequacy of your present home insurance coverage.


A home or business inventory helps prepare you financially by providing you written records and digital photographs of both the inside and outside of your property-- to include your collectibles, antiques, jewelry, furs, furniture, cars, boats, paper documents, etc.

Inside your home or business, every room is digitally photographed, and a written inventory is made of each item of value--including a description, serial/model numbers, cost and an estimated or appraise replacement value.
 Home/Business Inventory Analysis
Do you need a home or business inventory? Answer the following questions without looking:
  1. What is the make, size, and model of all of your televisions?
  2. What is the brand and model of your dishwasher?
  3. How many, what colors, and what brand of shoes are in your closet?
  4. What is the brand and model number of your computer?
  5. How many movies, dvds, and cds do you have?
  6. How much inventory do you have on hand today? What is the value?
  7. What kind of art do you have on your walls?  Can you provide a  detailed description?
  8. What are the dimensions of your rugs?
  9. How many light fixtures are in your home?  What is their value?
  10. Do you have any antiques or heirlooms?  Can you describe them?  Have they been appraised? What are their values?  
Global Inventory Solutions
  1. provides confidential services to insure your privacy.
  2. provides the documentation that you'll need to insure that      you receive the maximum claim for your loss in the shortest amount of time.
  3. provides  you with  documentation of your assets to help  you in  legal matters such as, divorces, prenuptial agreements, estate planning, company dissolutions, bankruptcies, etc.
 Quick Test
Look at this room for 60 seconds, then write a description of everything in it with as much detail as you remember.
Home and Business Inventories are mandatory to process your insurance claims!
So it makes sense, and it's a lot easier to take an inventory when your house looks like this:
                           rather than like either                                              of these                      
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