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Baton Rouge, Louisiana 8/16/2016

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Tornadoes Destroy Tuscaloosa, Alabama 


Tuscaloosa, Alabama 04/2011

Winter Storms 2009
Today in weather 
Tim Ballisty, Meteorologist and Renee Willet, Content Manager,
Jan. 30, 2009 12:06 pm ET
Power outage update: Residents displaced by a winter storm rested in every corner of a university theater, about 100 of them sprawled in aisles, propped in chairs, curled up on the stage. Some watched a movie while others settled in -- but all could sleep soundly with the heat blasting, the assurance of food and water nearby.
Amongthe battered crowd Thursday night were brothers Jim McClung, 42, and Dale Earnest, 38, forced to hole up in the makeshift shelter at Murray University in southwestern Kentucky. They, and many like them at hundreds of shelters in several states, ran out of food and water at their frigid, powerless home in the wake of an ice storm.
Atleast 1.3 million homes and businesses were without power across a wide swath of the country. Utility companies struggled through ice-encrusted debris into Friday morning as they worked to restore power, but warned it may not return until Saturday at the earliest. It could take until mid-February for some to come back online.
Forsome, things were getting better. About 60,000 had power restored since Thursday, and with warmer temperatures predicted for the weekend, crews could make "substantial progress" in the next few days, said Public Serivce Commission spokesman Andrew Melnykovich. Still, some 547,000 homes and businesses were still in the dark -- including about 172,000 in Louisville.
September 14, 2008
More Hurricane Ike destruction.

September 11, 2008
Hurricane Gustav hits Cuba and parts of New Orleans.

May 11, 2008 -- Tornado hits in Darien, Georgia

June 7, 2008 storm in Highland Park, Illinois.

A frightening look at what happens during tornadoes.

Mother's Day  2008 Storm Damage in Macon, Georgia.


Tornadoes hit the Midwest killing many June 2008.


June 2008-- Tornado damage in Minnesota.


June 7, 2008-- Flooding of Lamb Lake in Indiana.

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