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Global Inventory Solutions - "The Fastest Way to Get Your Claim Settled After a Disaster"
Video Documentation
With Inventory Purchase $50/hr
Without Inventory Purchase $75/hr

Estate Planning
Arrange your financial affairs so that your wealth will be distributed according to your wishes after your death.   Make sure you make out and/or update your Will, a Living Will, a Living Trust, Power of Attorney forms for each adult.

With Inventory Purchase $50/hr minimum 2 hours
Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney,  Living Will, and Attorney Advice for 1 Year*  $149

Business Continuity Planning
Develop a plan that will define steps to getting your business up and running after a disaster.

Document & Photo Scanning
Convert large files of important papers into a workable filing system or scan them onto a CD.  Convert your family pictures, licenses, insurance policies, warranties, receipts, deeds, etc.
Up to 50 pictures $45 
Over 50 pictures $.45 per picture       
Document Scanning $1.25/pg

Collection Cataloguing   
Antiques       Memorabilia
Art                  Trading Cards
Coins              Figurines
Stamps          Dolls 
Tools              Books
We will inventory any kind of collection.
With Inventory Purchase $60/hr
Without Inventory Purchase $120/hr

  • Basic Packages-  Start at $0.25 /. ft. for homes up to 1,200 SQ. ft.

  • Deluxe Packages-Start at $0.35/ SQ. ft. for homes 1,201- 2,500 SQ. ft

  •  Premium Packages- Start at $0.50/ sq.ft.  for homes 2,501-4,000 SQ. ft

  •  Platinum Packages- 
          Start at $0.75/ SQ. homes 4,001-                             6,000 SQ. ft

  • Double Diamond Packages- Start at $1.25/ SQ. ft for homes 6,001- 8,500 SQ. ft

** For homes over 8,500 square feet, call the office for a pricing quote.**


Landlord Plans
Protect yourself from
disputes with tenants.
Get digital proof of the condition of your property with times and dates.
Video Documentation available when ordering
 at least  5 units.


If you're renting, then it's up to you to not only have the proper amount of Renters' Insurance but to have an up-to-date digital and/or video inventory.

                             Protect your property from loss,  and expedite the claims process.  Prices same as housing inventory packages.

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